Princesa Quintet – Female Tribute to Fabrizio De Andrè

Stefania Mazzieri – Vocals
Federica Privitera – Flute
Daniele Caratelli – Accordion
Marco Grassiccia – Guitar
Fabio Rugi – Bass Guitar
Marco Vigni – Drums

A tribute to Fabrizio De Andre’, an Italian singer-songwriter, poet and musician. From his early songs to dialectal innovations, from the simple sounds of a guitar to the most complex melodies. His songs were a means of talking about life and justice, communicating emotion and talking about different people and different points of view. He was artistically active for almost 40 years and author of thirteen studio albums. He is renowned for the quality of his lyrics and often considered a poet. He contributed to the promotion of Italian and its dialect. The Princesa Quintet, far from offering a copy of a perfect and unique artist, wants to celebrate his message so that nothing is lost and to reinterpret his message, defying conventions and clichés by entrusting this to a female voice.

“And he, not wanting to believe you dead, knocked for another hundred years at your door.” (Marinella’s song – La canzone di Marinella)

To know better the Princesa Quintet you can have a look to the Facebook Page or listen to Fabrizio De Andrè’s songs on Youtube.