Take Four PLUS – Jazz music

Nick Norton-Smith – saxophones, flute

Thomas Hebert – guitar         

Jörg Scharff – clarinet, saxophones, flute

Don Hein – contrabass

This international quartet is a group of passionate musicians, playing anything that has rhythm and vigour: jazz, pop, blues, bossa nova and original numbers. They constantly change sounds and images in an incredible journey across the world of music.

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I concerti si tengono ogni martedì alle ore 19 a partire dal 5 luglio fino al 30 agosto 2022.

Concerto: € 10,00; ridotto (sotto i 16 anni) € 7,50
Parco + Concerto (ultimo ingresso ore 18:00): € 15,00; ridotto (sotto i 16 anni) € 10,00

Gratuito fino a 4 anni

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