Nadia De Sanctis – The golden years of American song

For almost half a century American song has represented the most formidable vessel and provider of emotions on the planet. Authors, editors, arrangers and interpreters from the days of Tin Pan Alley have competed to provide successes far exceeding their time. Thanks to new mediums such as the gramophone record, radio and cinema a tradition founded on the theatre, the salon and café in the late nineteenth century triggered an unprecedented surge in artistic activity which even now considerably contributes to keeping old favorites alive.
The voice of the versatile artist from Colle Val d’Elsa, Nadia De Sanctis, accompanied on the piano by Piero Lauria and the clarinet of the great soloist of Italian and European jazz Klaus Lessmann have enabled us to experience a trip of so-called ‘standard’, in other words ‘immortal’ songs like Gershwin’s Somebody loves me, Kern’s Old man river and Cole Porter’s I’ve got you under my skin.