Let’s be creative…

MoMa store

The Chianti Sculpture Park represents the design shop of MoMA in New York!!

It’s their only point of sale in Tuscany.
All chosen products are MoMA’s best sellers and are available at the bookshop of the Park….so you
don’t need to go to New York any longer. Just come to Pievasciata in Chianti! The products are ideal for any circumstance like a birthday, wedding lists, Christmas etc.

They can all be purchased even if you don’t visit the Park (but since you are already here, why not?).

Ribbon Vase (tall)
VASO “NASTRO” by Peter Hewitt. This sinuous contrast of metal and glass gives resonance to everyday materials. A metal band,...
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Magritte plate
DOVE PLATE. This plate features iconic imagery from the beloved work of surrealist René Magritte. Dishwasher-safe melamine plates are as...
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Notebook Hidden Pencil
NOTEBOOK HIDDEN YELLOW PENCIL by Robie Rogge and Joe Shouldice. Each notebook has a real pencil nestled conveniently in its...
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Trafalgar Scarf
This flowing silk scarf’s print is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s painting Trafalgar Square (1939-43), an artwork in MoMA’s collection. Made...
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Mondrian tote
Carry your belongings artfully with this canvas tote that features a print inspired by Piet Mondrian’s work Composition with Red,...
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Scribble placemat and coasters
by Naoki Ono and Yuuki Yamamoto. These playful placemats and coasters feature designs that mimic charcoal and pencil scribbles. Made...
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Snap It Up Notebook
NEW ORGANIZER by Robie Rogge and Barbara Flanagan. Keep the little things artfully organized and on view in a snap...
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Sky umbrella
SKY UMBRELLA by Tibor Kalman and Emanuela Frattini Magnusson,1992 MoMA’s witty umbrellas with their eternally cheerful skies are known and...
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La maison inondée – small
LA MAISON INONDEE by Patrick Martinez. The soup is rising. Soon it will reach the house on the hill. Save...
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Timesphere Clock
by Gideon Dagan. In the Timesphere Clock, a seemingly gravity-defying ball travels around the dial to mark the time, creating...
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