Mescarìa – popular songs and sounds from southern Italy & the Balkan peninsula

Arianna Romanella – vocals

Elena Mirandola – violin

Modestino Musico – accordion

Gabriele Pozzolini – percussion & drums

Mescarìa is a fusion of the words “mmesca” meaning to mix and “aria” meaning air, which in the musical world identifies a style of singing characterised by the progression of a chant, typical in all the traditions of southern Italy,and know as “ a song in the air”.

It is a new project from three members of the Baro Drom Orkestar, one of the most important bands in European world music and guests last year on stage at The Park, and Adrianna Romanella a young singer from Basilicata. It crosses the soul of the south passing through Campagna and Puglia to Basilicata. A long musical road that from its roots in the south of Europe flies around the world in the sounds of the Mediterranean, in songs in the Romanè language and the urban tarantella.

Find out more about Mescarìa here!

The concerts take place every Tuesday  at 7 PM from 5th July to 30th August!

Entrance Fee

Free: under 4 years old
Concert: € 10,00; reduced-price ticket (under 16 years old) € 7,50
Park + Concert (last entrance at 18:00): € 15,00; reduced ticket (under 16 y.o.) € 10,00

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