Roberto Cipollone

Roberto Cipollone (Ciro) was born in Pescara, Italy in 1947, where he spent his childhood years as a young man around the foundry run by his father. In 1970 he went to Holland where he lived for 6 years employed as a factory worker. Later on, he commented on this period of his life: “In the factory where I worked, I was making 10.000 screws a day. It was a monotonous job, where any artistic vein was sacrificed. It represented for me a detachment from the world of arts and this sharpened my desire to see beautiful things”.

In 1977 he moved to Loppiano near Florence, where he has been living and working up to the present. For his work he uses several materials: wood, iron, stone, fabric, whatever waste material, which he considers as the richest of life. ‘The material I use is a clear and well oriented choice: it’s intentionally not precious. Its value is hidden. I only try to let the object tell those humble stories which are still unknown.’