Di bega e di géna (e ritorno). A journey from Piedmont to Tuscany

Ricky Avataneo – voice & guitar

Igor Vazzaz – voice & guitar

One from Piedmont and one from Tuscany! What a strange couple!

It’s not the start of a joke but of a partnership that has folk music at its heart.

Ricky Avataneo,originally from Asti but who moved first to Val di Susa and then to Moncalieri and Igor Vazzaz, Tuscan by birth but according to his looks and accent originally from Frulia ( or so he says!) together share their passionate love of the music of their own roots.  So the folk music of Piedmont and Tuscany are interwoven and joined together. The result is a programme with continually changing language, sound & rhythms but also of behaviour from the ‘géna’, the innate decency of Piedmontese to the ‘bega’ the natural tendency towards conflict of the Tuscans!

Songs written with a reference to popular ballads using dialect, the vernacular, old and new stories, guitar, harmonica, hurdy gurdy & tambourine with the intention of making the serious and the facetious meet. Two peoples of opposite characters, the Piedmontese and the Tuscans, united by verses and choruses which echo as if there wasn’t Liguria between them!

Entrance Fee
Concert: € 10,00; reduced-price ticket (under 16 years old) € 7,50
Park + Concert (last entrance at 18:00): € 15,00; reduced ticket (under 16 y.o.) € 10,00

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