Chianti Sculpture Park - Parco Sculture Del Chianti
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Parco Sculture del Chianti
Musical evenings at the Amphitheatre
Tuesday from 4 June through 27 August, 19:00
Programme of the 2013 season concerts
04 June 2013, at 19:00
Lisetta Luchini - Tuscany in Music

Lisetta Luchini, guitar and voice
Marta Marini, mandolin and guitar

The 2013 season opens with Lisetta Luchini, one of the most applauded interpreters of popular Tuscan music. The most beautiful songs of this genre, accompanied by guitar and mandolin, traditional instruments par excellence, once again recall the atmosphere of peasant festivals of days gone by. From narrative songs to blank verse ballads, from serenades to ditties, this is music born from direct contact with the people who inspired it. To learn more and listen to some numbers click here.
11 June 2013, at 19:00
Nadia De Sanctis - Les femmes

Nadia De Sanctis, voice
Mirco Bonucci, guitar and voice

‘Yes the study of women is difficult, puts a devilish task on us men! Never can one know the soul and body of a woman’: in 1905 this was how women were depicted in The Merry Widow, Franz Lehar’s extremely successful operetta. It was a time of music and cancan, when feminine fascination was acclaimed during the Belle Epoque in the Café Chantant of Paris and Naples. Nadia De Sanctis and Mirco Bonucci give us a taste of that atmosphere with pieces about those extraordinary women who were the vedettes of France and Italy’s own divas from the realm of Satie to Nini Tirabuscio. To listen to Nadia De Sanctis click here.
18 June 2013, at 19:00
Trio Fattori - Homage to Verdi
The music of his time and other digressions…

Giuseppe Cecchin, cello
Laura Sarti, violin
Annarosa Carnieri, piano

The Trio Fattori presents an engaging musical journey through time, starting in the 1800s to the present day evoking different nationalities and their music. The concert opens by paying homage to Giuseppe Verdi in the year of the 200th anniversary of his birth, passing through various genres and nationalities, from music of the nineteenth century to romanticism, from the Viennese waltz to Hungarian rhapsodies and other music from Italy and the world. The programme is particularly appropriate for the general public who will enjoy classical music in a lively and open-air environment. To hear The Trio Fattori click here.
25 June 2013, at 19:00
Gitanìa Quartet - Swing and Gypsy folk music

Stefano Montagnani, guitar
Pietro Adragna, accordion
Andrea Bruni, drums
Alessandro Geri, double bass

Four musicians with a passion for the sound of European music of the first half of the twentieth century. Together they have created an unforgettable and unique style incorporating Latin, the musette waltz, jazz, eastern European popular music, Italian melodies and the far-ranging virtuoso of gypsy music. The individual sonority of the solo instruments, guitar and accordion, are backed by the solid and pulsating rhythm of the double bass and drums. During the concert the Gitanìa Quartet creates an atmosphere recalling memories of old ballrooms, Parisian music halls and nostalgic moments of improvisation. To listen to the Gitanìa Quartet click here.
09 July 2013, at 19:00
Mya Fracassini - On the ocean

Mya Fracassini, voice
Fabrizio Mocata, piano

Over the centuries crossing the Atlantic engendered an exchange of people, culture and music. The concerts of Mya Fracassini, a singer with an eclectic background, and Fabrizio Mocata, a valued jazz pianist and accompanist of various types of Argentine tango, capture the swell and rhythm of bossa nova, jazz, tango and other music thanks to the ocean crossing. To learn more click here.
16 July 2013, at 19:00
InChanto - “Loves”

Michela Scarpini, solo voice, percussion
Giampiero Allegro, clarinetti, clarinet, flute, tin whistles
Franco Barbucci, violin
Marco Del Bigo, guitar-lute, cetera, bodhràn, darbouka, harp
Cesare Guasconi, ghironda, keyboard, dulcimer, geyerleier

The theme of love shows its multiple faces: ideal love seen through the eyes of a Provencal poet, self-love through the metaphor of the myth of Narcissus, and divine love of medieval lauds. InChanto gives us music by composers based in the roots of European folk music and the Renaissance, by using classical and popular musical instruments of the period, and also texts in languages from different epochs and cultures (Latin, Provencal, Corsican, and Maltese). The result is an ‘alchemy of sound’ giving life to an essential and original mixture of strong emotional impact. To learn more and see some videos click here or here.
23 July 2013, at 19:00
Vocal Sisters - Afro Blue
Stories and sounds of people of the earth

Carla Baldini, voice and direction
Patrizia Quatraro, voice and percussion
Isabella del Principe, voice
Letizia Pieri, voice
Bibetta Zabre, voice and percussion

The Vocal Sisters are five women who sing, play percussion and dance thus communicating a colourful and evocative spectacle of various cultures and musical traditions. They sing Zulu songs from black Africa, songs of the anti-apartheid struggle, Brazilian music of Chico César and Caetano Veloso, and popular traditional Mediterranean songs. To learn more and listen to some numbers click here.
30 July 2013, at 19:00
Quartetto Poggiarello - Sounds of Jazz & Classical Music

Hardy Döhrn, trombone and didgeridoo
Tim-Owe Georgi, electric guitar
Thomas Pollak, cello
Jörg Scharff, clarinet, saxophone, flute

Poggiarello, an old Chianti estate, is the meeting place of four German musicians with a common passion for chamber and other music. Inspired by the gentle Tuscan hills, their style touches the heartstrings with an infinite variety of sounds and rhythms. The Poggiarello Quartet invites us to take a musical tour not only of classical music, but also folk, jazz and funk.
06 August 2013, at 19:00
Trio Mila - Forbidden music

Delia Palmieri, soprano
Federica Baronti, flute
Diana Colosi, harp

Three musicians who found a common denominator in penetrating musicality, with a taste for beauty, refined execution; an unusual trio that succeeds in creating a special sound in pieces and compositions from different styles and periods. Their repertoire ranges from pure classical Bach, sacred songs, and also profane, culminating in the unforgettable melodies of George Gershwin, passing by Rossini, Verdi, Neapolitan songs, and Argentine tango. To learn more and hear some numbers look at the Trio Mila website or You Tube.
13 August 2013, at 19:00
Tea For Three - Swing from the Forties

Elena Guarducci, voice and snare drum
Stefano Montagnani, guitar
Riccardo Bonciani, piano

Tea for Three takes us back in time to the days of old radios and record-players. Their repertoire ranges from swing from Italy, Europe and America of the ‘40s to standard jazz, also including bossa nova and instrumental pieces such as the musette waltz and others. In particular we note that Italian songs from that time were known throughout the world. To find out more and listen to some numbers click here.
20 August 2013, at 19:00
Duo Vernissage - Dreams of a late summer evening

Laura Sarti, violin
Giuseppe Cecchin, cello

A musical voyage in time taken from popular traditions which greatly influenced European culture, from classical eighteenth century compositions, Irish-Celtic folk numbers to Jewish music and some surprises that the Duo play and which are completely exclusive. To listen to the Duo Vernissage click here or here.
27 August 2013, at 19:00
Isola Jazz Trio - Jazz

Romina Capitani, voice
Riccardo Galardani, guitar
Giacomo Rossi, doublebass

An evening of great jazz, not to be missed, with original interpretations of unforgettable numbers from a wide range of Afro-American, swing, bossa nova and Italian composers. The singer Romina Capitani, one of the most talented and interesting new voices in the field of Tuscan and Italian jazz, joins Riccardo Galardini, well-known guitarist with thirty years of intense professional experience who collaborated with numerous Italian artists (Fossati, Zarillo, I. Grandi). Completing this trio is the solid and eclectic Sienese double-bass player, Giacomo Rossi, adding life to this refined and fascinating concert. To listen to the Isola Jazz Trio click here or here
Entrance fee: €10, reduced to €7.50 for children under 16 years
SEASON TICKETS made of marble, valid for all concerts and transferable: €75

In case of rain the concerts take place at La Fornace Art Gallery, across from the Park.

Advance booking is not required for the musical evenings. Sale of tickets opens half an hour before the concert. When concerts are performed, the Sculpture Park closes at 18:00 (last entrance). No visits are allowed during performances.

For more information: • tel. +39 0577 357151
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